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Linda Washburn Roberts is a freelance photographer based in Helena, Montana. She specializes in landscape, nature, and fine art photography and is a graduate of Rocky Mountain School of Photography Summer Intensive and Advanced Intensive programs. She is a member of the Upper Missouri Artist's Gallery in Helena, Montana, (, and of the Sweet Grass Artists' Alliance in Big Timber, Montana

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  • Infinity

    Photograph of Chincoteague Bay. Printed on archival canvas, mounted to fome core and framed in a simple frame. Image size 24" x 39"

  • Reflections

    Photograph - printed on archival canvas, stretched and floated inside simple frame. Image size 12" x 37"

  • Balloons over Lake Havasu

    Balloons in the air above Lake Havasu as seen from the gondola of "Hot Flash"

  • The balloon field

    Character balloons (and a couple of non-character balloons) are tethered in the balloon field at the Balloon Fest for those folks who wish a tethered balloon ride. One untethered balloon ascends in the background

  • Tilted View

    Balloons in the air above Lake Havasu as seen from my ride in the balloon "Hot Flash"

  • Balloon Fest!

    Balloons in the air above Lake Havasu City as seen from the gondola of "Hot Flash"

  • Hot Flash!

    Throwing flames to heat the air in the balloon "Hot Flash" so we can lift off and stay aloft

  • Characterizations

    Character balloons(Annie the Lady Bug, Sushi, Humpty Dumpty and Angry Bird ) are seen from above as we lift into the air

  • Serenity over the water

    The balloon Serenity hovers low over the waters of Lake Havasu. A chase boat is seen beneath the balloon

  • Serenity

    Serenity drifts over the waters of Lake Havasu

  • Heating the air - fire!!

    The crew chief of "Hot Flash" (my ride for the day) lights the flame to warm the air in the balloon and get it aloft

  • We're in the Balloon!

    The pilot, one other passenger and I are in the gondola of "Hot Flash" our balloon ride for the day. Synchronicity is in the background

  • Ooh, that feels good!

    Annie the Lady Bug is inflated and the pilot is keeping the air heated so she stays aloft. She is tethered at the balloon field in this shot

  • Hi, There...

    Annie the Lady Bug peeks over the top of Hot Flash and Sushi as they are being inflated and readied for their flights

  • The National Anthem

    "Concho" raises the flag over the balloon field at sunrise for the Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem at the 2014 Balloon Festival in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

  • Annie the Lady Bug at the Neon Glow

    Annie the Lady Bug is one of the two balloons shown at the neon glow, a nightly event of the 2014 Lake Havasu Balloon Fest

  • The Neon Glow

    The Neon Glow is a nightly event of the Lake Havasu 2014 Balloon Fest. The balloon shown here is Twist of Fate Idea

  • The Sonoran Star

    The Sonoran Star shown in black and white at the neon glow on Saturday, January 18, 2014. The neon glow was a nightly event of the 2014 Lake Havasu Balloon Festival

  • The Neon Glow

    The balloons on the balloon field are lit each night to create the neon glow. This a nightly feature of the Lake Havasu Balloon Festivel 2014.

  • The Neon Glow in Black and White

    The balloon field lit up each night of the festival for a spectacular showing of the balloons.

  • The Neon Glow

    Black and White photo of two balloons at the Neon Glow on Saturday night, January 18, 2014, part of the Lake Havasu 2014 Balloon Fest

  • The Neon Glow

    The balloon field lit up each evening for the neon glow, a feature of the 2014 Lake Havasu City Balloon Fest.

  • The Sleeping Giant

    The Sleeping Giant

  • Going to the Sun

    a river and road snake their way through the valley below the Going to the Sun highway through Glacier National park

  • Sunset on the Sieben Flats

    Sunset taken from the exit for Gates of the Mountain off I-15, at the Sieben Flats area north of Helena

  • The Great Escape

    The Great Escape

  • waiting to exhale

    A rowboat sits on the shore of a lake with mountains and trees reflected in the water. Creates a dreamlike image

  • Grill Fest

  • "here's lookin' at you, kid"

  • Spring Meadow Lake on the west side of Helena. Autumn 2011

  • The hiking trail around Spring Meadow Lake on the west side of Helena. Autumn 2011

  • The Trolley car decorated for the holidays at Christmas time on the walking mall in Helena

  • Montana State Capital building in the spring of 2011

  • A downtown parking garage seen at night. Graphic art is part of the stairwell to upper levels of the parking structure

  • An early cold snap creates an ice sculpture atop a mining sculpture located on the walking mall in Helena

  • Fresh green onions displayed at the local farmer's market in Helena

  • The Great Northern area of Helena